Season of Poison:: here we go

Okay, so I’ve been meaning to get around to starting this, so here it is.

What better way to start off than to share a little something about Shiny Toy Guns and their new album: Season of Poison.

It’s due out the last week of October. However, there will be something available to listen to and “have” August 11. That’s only six days.

Moving right along the album is set to be darker, and I’m told the first singles lined up will be a perfect blend of all things shiny and darker, edgier, metal-like guitar riffs.

Now onto the big news:

new song writer and new singer

Yes they have a new female singer.

Carah, stay with us.

New work by Benjy Russell for them has been up for a while on their site:

however, Benjy’s own site has a little more to offer.

They are also flying out to Tennessee to do a photoshoot with him. Songs include: “When Revelation Calls” (Carah has been seen playing the drums with Mikey live for this) “Blown Away” And a slow all piano (so far) ballad-type song.

Back to We Are Pilots for a moment… there is some reimagining happening with a song.. also a remix album is slated to come up soon as well.

Moving on to tour:

4 october los angeles will have some of it. live.

come see your new
band with their new album . and MARS VOLTA with theirs.

and CUT COPY and DATAROCK are amazing.

its the LA weekly detour
festival downtown.

where else )? i think something will happen soon in RENO and SPOKANE.

and DUBLIN and yes I mean Ireland.

…weeks away from new new music and a new tour.

Some dates are already up. As for the line up… I hear some major bands are in talks for touring… *cough* Muse.

The album is officialy done recording. From what I’ve heard it’s amazing.

More quotes and information:
“it’s as keyboard driven as it is organic but gone are the drum machines, gone are the super fluffy pop synths. Instead the record is taking more of a road of a band that merges Queens Of The Stone Age with old Skinny Puppy, dipped in Peter Schilling with a little Flash Gordon sprinkled on top. Ripping rock guitars and all toms on the drums instead of straight rock beats with 100% analog synths slicing through everything around it.”
“EVERYTHING is a duet at the top of all vocal range, fast moving and loaded with more percussion than the Blue Man Group.”
“This record is made to decapitate and remove legs at the knees; but melody still rules our world. Every song could be played on an old guitar
around a campfire.”
And direct from Jeremy Dawson….

when everything is blown away.


surface chart : 0534am.

CHICAGO opens its sleepy eyes from a
lollapalooza mirroring the distinctiveness that Perry always wanted it
to be.

streams of turquoise press against a lazy dark sky; the usual lake-effect

the life thing.

how goes it?

what is new? something is new.


but about you : :

we wonder lots about it.

the life thing.

we make music about it.

don’t really get it, but dogs chase their tails. even the smart ones.

the ones who protect you.

(one second)


we have finished our new album.

not sure how to say what to say to say it right ; but truly we have
finished our greatest work and effort.

7(seven) direct months of writing combined with everything the road gave
and took, and the upsidedowns we have torn apart in the meantime.

the record sums up years and years of interest and trial, love and dark
clouds, passion and power.

but now our album is complete.

CONTACT is reestablished.

things have changed.

time has taken us to new places :
where we never knew what time it was.

: places where cold shatters the sky.

this is the SEASON OF POISON.

it is your new album. and you can have it in october.

its so personal and such an important part of who Chad and I are as
writers; and a new writer has emerged beside us as well.


the record is a reminder darkness comes soon to you. and to us. its just normal and you have to normally deal with such.

SEASON OF POISON deals with such. questions become answers.

11 august you can hear some of it smile.gif and have some of it.

4 october los angeles will have some of it. live.

come see your new
band with their new album . and MARS VOLTA with theirs.

and CUT COPY and DATAROCK are amazing.

its the LA weekly detour
festival downtown.

where else )? i think something will happen soon in RENO and SPOKANE.

and DUBLIN and yes I mean Ireland.

…weeks away from new new music and a new tour.

oh by the way … before we fly to the quiet southern charm of the
mountains of Tennessee this morning to shoot pictures for you,

(Gassaway, Tennessee that is; population 300.


we have a new singer in shiny toy guns.

she is sleeping on an airplane
right now.

more soon, a lot more soon.

don’t hold back | we never will.

08shinys : J

Notice how he said “when everything is blown away”? Well, Blown Away is one of their unannounced songs. So what is Surface Chart? Jeremy certainly drops a lot of clues…

UPDATE: So it’s official Carah is leaving the band for personal reasons, here’s the information direct from Jeremy

carah … moved to sweden.

…and we are really happy for her.

Now that gives the band 2 choices :

disband and disappear forever, or simply find the right

person who wants to be in our band. Remember, Chad

and I wrote every note, every word, everything that is

shiny toy guns from day one.

I don’t think you or any of us wants shiny toy guns to

disappear. So, we have found the 4th piece of our band all

over again. You will meet her soon:)

And whatever or whenever Carah chooses

to do with her voice we support

100% and we would except you to do the same.

love: jeremy

EDIT: I decided to edit out the personal information Jeremy gave. Essentially Carah is no longer in Shiny Toy Guns because of personal reasons for currently unknown reasons (link goes to Carah’s saying she hasn’t left for personal reasons)  and has moved on to a new project. You can read what Carah had to say about this in response initially here.


7 Responses to “Season of Poison:: here we go”

  1. 1 M
    August 8, 2008 at 10:21 pm

    might want to remove the personal information about Carah

  2. August 11, 2008 at 3:19 pm

    I got the same response (of course you edited it). I’m just hoping that all of this STG business goes well…I’m kind of scared.

  3. 3 Jeffrey C.
    September 25, 2008 at 9:28 pm

    I am a die hard fan of Shiny Toy Guns and I will always support them. However Jeremy Dawson saying that Shiny Toy Guns was always meant to have Sisely as their singer and they were never meant to have Carah is a messed up thing to say! That is so mean and offensive. A lot of fans really like Carah. She was a wonderful addition to the band and it would not have been the same without her. Instead of being so cold-hearted, he could have said something like “We decided to part ways with Carah and add Sisely to the band. She was initially lined up for the spot in 2002, but was not available to fill the position at that time.” I know it might not have been an easy break up, but he doesn’t have to say comments that make him look like a jerk.

  4. 4 Kacie
    October 19, 2008 at 4:56 pm

    CARAH faye is the SHIT. the shineys made a BIGGGGG mistake!!! im no longer a fan, because of what they did to her, i dont care what ya’ll say, i believe her!! she was what made that band GOOD and now they sacked her. TOOO BAD!!!! now they SUCK!! im 100% CARAH FAYE now!!

  5. 5 Livsky
    January 17, 2010 at 8:34 am

    I agree that Jeremy sounded jerksih. He seems like a pretty good writer, so you know he knows how to word things. the Shiny Toy Guns were spectacular with Carah Faye, i saw them when they were still playing at little venues and let me say that was one of the best concerts ever. Carah Faye and her vocals and her aura just went well. I think all devoted fans, concert attendees and band members know what i mean.

    It makes me want to cry, just listening to all these songs and knowing it’ll never be the same. Because Carah Faye did kind of die, in a way. It’s a crying situation.

  6. 6 dktrg
    February 13, 2010 at 11:37 am

    the new singer cannot do Carah’s vocals, period. Too bad. I saw them on the 101 on cable and liked the music, and downloaded the albums. The new girl sounds like bad karaoke live, and looks like a dork when she sings. Bad bad bad mistake letting Carah go.

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