Shiny Toy Guns:: prepare a release.

More information from Shiny Toy Guns on Season of Poison-

This bulletin posted Aug 9, 2008 2:14 PM from the band’s US and UK myspace gives a few more release details.

In summary:

  • their first song will be released online from Manhattan Monday night.
  • a date with Mars Volta, Cut Copy and Datarock in downtown Los Angeles.
  • Turn to Real Life is getting an update!
  • Satellite members (street team) will be the first to receive the new single (by e-mail)
  • the new band member will be revealed the following Monday
  • the new song could be called Impact (or Jeremy just likes saying the word impact, but usually he drops these kind of clues)

Finally, I pulled this from the Shiny Toy Guns fan board, the time of the release is tentatively 7:00 pm from New York.

Here’s the full post:

drama! i feel like i have a crazy girlfriend again.

why are we all so bored all the time?

_ ___________ _


2 days left until impact. sorry, IMPACT.


our first born goes online for you.

monday night. NEW YORK time.

We missed this place by the way, there is nothing like Manhattan.

monday night equals our first new song : )

_ _______________ _

we love bullet points.
they are meant to be shot :

: : ANDY WALLACE. you should wiki him, he is our new friend and the person mixing our new album. He looks like Sean Connery.

: : FLEET FOXES. you should buy this album . The return of SEATTLE bands is upon the UK right now. America is next.

: : SASHIMI. is completely addicting.

: : DETOUR FESTIVAL. mars volta. shiny toy guns. cut copy. datarock. outdoors. downtown los angeles. get your hair did for this one please; oct 4.

: : TURNED TO REAL LIFE. old skool fans? wait till you hear our 2008 version ..

: : WE ARE BACK. just wanted to say that.
Thank you for waiting:)

: : PETERBOROUGH. is currently our favourite english city because of our friends.

tonight we ride.
did you know ice cube is trying to come back?


a tour of intimacy.

lets organize this into an outline for you .


the small underground room in your town.

quietly promoted so its just you and your friends.

we will try to blow up the sound system nightly.

we will demand that the ticket price is low.

sold out? we will hold some tickets each show.

-and walk outside and give them away.

none of us wear crocs. they all must be destroyed.

_ ____________ _

: : SATTELITES : you know who you are.

check your email when you have a chance,

because SOON you will have our first single before anyone else can buy it anywhere in the world.

its going to be a while, but october will bring the darkness soon.

SEASON OF POISON is soon. a new entire shinys album we have furiously been painting.

don’t forget to write –

and tell us your take on our new children as they are born.

and someone new to meet one week from impact. umm … IMPACT.

from the lower east side : :

narrow your eyes.

J : STG:SOP:2008

If you’ve read this far, there’s a reward for you. You know how I said that Finale/Reprise was the last thing Carah worked on with Shiny Toy Guns? Well Carah has already been featured in a track by Spookey Ruben (I have no idea how long ago this was made). I don’t quite think the song does Carah justice, but it’s nice to hear something from her outside of the band.

PS: I like the concept of these fan-art Season of Poison CD covers. Shiny Toy Guns: Digital and Analog, Flushing it Out: computer generated fonts and analog ink on paper with water damage. There is some nice minimalistic symmetry happning there.

Also, check out how Carah explained that she didn’t leave the band by choice here.


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