Shiny Toy Guns official release: Ricochet! to sattelites, confirm new singer, unofficial release dates.

UPDATE: Sisely’s own response is here.

So below is the latest myspace bulletin from Shiny Toy Guns (yeah, I know lately LECOMPLEX has been almost exclusive to Shiny Toy Guns… interesting, we’ll see where this takes us).

Anyhow essentially they have confirmed Sisley Treasure as their new singer and have marked the release of the new single.

Release Dates:

Season of Poison: November 4, 2008

Ricochet! single: September 2, 2008


lets think back … or we will and you can just listen and remember.

in march of 2004 Chad and I wrote some music .. .. we decided to put some
of the tunes up on this social networking site called “myspace”,
actually on a personal profile because at the time there were no music
profiles and Tom had not even started messing with it yet.

Back then you could write Tom and he was just hanging out at his house –
and he would write you back and come see your band play down the street.

and we weren’t sure what would happen.

At the time we had just began to settle in with who our band was to be
for a while, our new drummer and new singer had been with us just for a
few months.

and we weren’t sure what would happen.

let me tell you what happened.

the people behind you,
the people in the front of you …
to your left, and to your right : :

they embraced what we were trying to project.

_ _

they projected what we were trying to embrace.

and a new sound … a new sight … a new way of approach began.

an approach centered around destroying the space that separates artist
from listener.

an artist should be no further away from some one listening than a mother
to her child.

together we can destroy both.


TOGETHER .. we did some great things.

TOGETHER we made milestones that bands 200 times our size could not equal.

TOGETHER we traveled the world ..

we listened to you,
when you asked us to come see you in alaska.

we drove there.

we listened to you …
when your friend was really sick. as in, cancer sick.

we went to her bedside.

we played in the parking lot …
when the venue refused to let all ages in to a 21+ venue.

when an accident happened ..
we went there on purpose.

and we listened to you ..
when the baby was born.

and again,
when he left you.

Today is Friday, August 15th, 2008.

It is not March 14th, 2004.

TODAY you will feel just a tiny piece of a new fire that has consumed this


and you will notice.

and today …

(cold shatters the sky)

and this is the first day of the rest of our lives.

__ _______________ __

ladies and gentleman, boys and girls.

4 years later :)

we proudly present to you,

a new sound.

a new song.

a new shinys.

RICOCHET! is our first single …

SEASON OF POISON is our new album .

SISELY TREASURE is the new voice alongside the sound we call Chad


lets do this .

TIME TO REGULATE like warren g.

__ ____________ __

move and slide :

this is the new sound of shiny toy guns for today.

tomorrow will bring things to levels that you will just need to feel;

without discussion.

SATELLITES your free copy comes early.

your copy of “ricochet!” comes next week. on us.


we are coming to play live in your town and hang out.



notice .

the forecast for the next year ::


because this is a season of poison.

love you guys



12 Responses to “Shiny Toy Guns official release: Ricochet! to sattelites, confirm new singer, unofficial release dates.”

  1. 1 Mina
    August 17, 2008 at 12:30 am

    Aight Dubois, hows it going? Long time no rant.

  2. 2 Matt Bates
    August 17, 2008 at 3:22 am

    I have known those women eating monsters for 9 years. I went to college in Shawnee, OK where it all started for Chad and Jeremy. I first met them through Chad’s brother Stephen. I always loved their music even back then, but you are so right about the women. They used to have girls come over 5 and 6 at a time and they would have no respect for these women what so ever. The only thing on their mind was their music. That is the nasty drama that makes people happy. Makes you want to hate people. But it is bull shit. Kind of like your whole article. These guys have been building this thing since they were 15. They are the brains, they are the genious, they are the heart and soul of this movement called Shiny Toy Guns. Sorry you don’t like the changes that took place. There are choices that have to be made in life and change can be hard to adust to. I suggest you go see a counselor and work out your issues. You seem to be a sad and miserable person. I think more of your own issues come out in this article than an actual music review. Best wishes to you. I hope one day you can see the positive side of life. It is so much better.

  3. 3 Janelle Charnow
    August 17, 2008 at 3:53 am

    so i dont know who is trying to pose as me on this thing but please stop. Jeremey Chad and mikey i would never say anything like that about you. ive never had a problem with them at all. i loved them and this whole situation really sucks. i really dont want to be in this whole thing and whoever is trying to bring me in leave me out. any one who knows me will know that i would never say those things im not that kind of person and i dont even know them that well to even make those assumptions. please please please please who ever is doing this please stop. i wish shinys the best of luck as i know they wish Carah.

  4. 4 lecomplex
    August 17, 2008 at 3:14 pm

    So I can confirm that someone has been posing as Janelle, for one the accounts given are different, as are the emails and IP addresses the messages were received from whereas the post above from Janelle was consistent with her first post.
    The fake comment will no longer be here.

    “Aight Dubois, hows it going? Long time no rant.” That just about sums up the fake comment posted under Janelle’s name. It might not have been Dubois, but we’ve seen similar things to this happen on blogs and websites before and it’s not going to happen here because it only gets worse.

    Sorry for the inconvenience Janelle and thank you for saying that the comment wasn’t from you.

  5. 5 lecomplex
    August 17, 2008 at 3:36 pm

    also to reply to MattBates up there,
    this post has nothing to do with a review given by me so i assume you were referring to this one: https://lecomplex.wordpress.com/2008/08/15/the-single-has-landed-shiny-toy-guns-ricochet/ instead

    now, i will agree changes have been made and if you want to stick by you have to adjust to them, but few people can adjust in the span of a week.

    the post you’re agreeing with was a fake. (if someone has to lie about their identity to post something what are the rest of their words like? being anonymous or using a screen name is far different from impersonating a former member’s family member)

    Yes, Jeremy and Chad are the brains, however there is also a third song writing, just to let you know so theres one more brain going up there. :)

    And I never said I don’t like the changes, I’m pretty sure I didn’t say that at least. But each one of these changes are big and will take getting used to (ex: removing a band member well loved by the bands followers).

    As for what you said about my pessimism and me personally I agree I can be pessimistic sometimes, but I don’t see how this is so negative “Now what I need to love this song is the rest of the album so I can see the connections and how the themes tie in to eachother.”

    Simply put I really liked Shiny Toy Guns the way they were and I hoped to see what they could become and how they could change, now that the changes are here it will take some getting used to but I’m glad overall that they’re taking a new direction.

    Anyhow, there’s nothing wrong with your opinion, maybe I do come off as negative, but at the moment I’m not trying to become a journalist.

  6. 6 Janelle Charnow
    August 17, 2008 at 4:04 pm

    Thank you lecomplex.

  7. August 20, 2008 at 12:17 am


    Thank you so much for your honest response to all this hoopla over the “facts” of Carah’s departure from STG. They are my absolute favorite band in the universe, and, if it is indeed the case that she was kicked out, and did not willfully leave, then I’m disgusted by my favorite band. They’ve made a bad, bad mistake. I actually feel sorry for Sisely whateverhernameis, because she gives a face to everything that’s gone wrong with something so beloved. She should’ve said no to Jeremy’s offer (re: from Siselly). Yech. The name Sisely makes me cringe. Man, I’m soooo glad I took this footage before it was too late:

    If Chad and Jeremy think that the fans will get over it, embrace the new album wholeheartedly, forget Carah, or forget it ever happened at all, they’re dead wrong. The “Jackie Will Save Me” footage I took makes me sad; sorry we (the fans) couldn’t save you, Carah. Your voice brought an angelic beauty to the machinations of Shiny Toy Guns. As much as I’m mixed about it, I’m hoping the band suffers for it. Every virtual site featuring Shiny Toy Guns (myspace, facebook, blogs) has multitudes of comments from fans bemoaning Carah’s loss. It is practically the only subject of any comment regarding the music or the band. We’re not so easily duped.

    If you are indeed her sister, Janelle, please tell Carah that she will remain a legend to the millions and millions of fans forever. I am devastated, but getting used to the fact that there will never be another album that makes me feel as though I’m hearing God the way “We Are Pilots” makes me feel. No one can ever take her away from “We Are Pilots.” After I heard the news, I listened to the namesake song from the album, and cried. Her voice was my voice as I listened to it– she sang my pain, too.

    Also, tell her I’ve always thought her voice would be a perfect Eponine in Les Miserables. Just right.

    Lots of love to Carah!!!!!

    All the Best,

  8. 8 Douglas L. Smith
    August 20, 2008 at 8:16 pm

    I would also like to ask Janelle, case is really the sister of Carah, that reminds the same that the fans will wait for her. That are anguish with the situation and that she doesn’t abandon us.

    We hoped to see her again singing. It doesn’t matter alone or accompanied by a group. We just want to hear her again. I, as fan, admirer and a big one impassioned by her, I am waiting for a new project.

    Carah is and it will always be in our minds and our hearts. She is not just one more singer. It is irreplaceable, it is only.

    Forever, Carah Faye Charnow. I know that she didn’t die, but there is a great emptiness in our hearts. Her lack is felt. It will always be.

  9. 9 ben
    October 25, 2008 at 12:09 am

    Yeah they are jerks for kicking her out. I wish her the best success in the future. I really want to know why they kicked her out.

  10. 10 Al
    January 13, 2009 at 5:56 am

    I was a pretty big fan and went to see them when they came to the Crazy Donkey in Farmingdale, NY. It was embarrasing. I had only seen them last year when they did a show in Killington VT and loved them. This new girl pretended to play the bass and couldnt do the harmonies. She just seemed uncomfortable and awkward. The studio sound is good but I guess studio magic doesnt cover the inability to entertain. The rest of the band sounded tight. They would probably be better without her. I did not know they even replaced the singer until I went to the show and was wondering where the other singer was.

  11. January 11, 2013 at 5:29 am

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