Official Ricochet! release:: Shiny Toy Guns

tis the season to be poisoned… fa la la la la…aiff

So it appears you miss a lot when you disappear for a day. Here’s how it goes: tomorrow the Shinys will be e-mailing their army a high quality MP3 (which is good, since they took down our WAV file download). Everything else said is a little non-stellar but we’ll see what else they do.

and its a shocking holiday .

Thursday. Satellites. RICOCHET! Is in your mail box. And not some terd mp3. How about a 24 bit .aiff. If you don’t know what that means I’m saying higher than cd quality.

And for everyone : we have a date with you. And don’t be late and wear those one shoes that are hot.

Its called eleven, four oh-eight.

Because friday at 11:04:08pm ricochet will appear virally completely downloadable and completely FREE.

And yes you can pass it around, we don’t mind. Its your tune.

And something a bit more important about that number : :

Its the birthday of our lives, the official and un-changing date of our album …..

Ladies and men: cats and dogs, spiders and snakes .

On november 4th, 2008, together we will enter a season of poison.

The countdown begins NOW.

Love you all : from quiet oklahoma .


And there’s also this Ricochet! fan video that might last you until tomorrow…

Maybe 2 things isn’t that much that you miss in a day.


1 Response to “Official Ricochet! release:: Shiny Toy Guns”

  1. August 21, 2008 at 11:29 pm

    that fan video is pretty awesome.

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