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Alas the impact has been delayed. No new STG track yet.

UPDATE: The new launch date is upon us!

There have apparently been some delays in mastering the track and it is not available for its 7:00 pm EST release date of today, August 11th. Will the new singer still be revealed next Monday? Who knows.

so how many of you have made a record or had friends who did so?

its tough and sometimes deadlines aren’t met. Our mastering session for some new music for today has been postponed … and as much as I want so dearly to post this song up here; we worked so hard on it and it wouldn’t be fair to the 4 of us to not put up the best, most powerful version.

so, stand by ladies and gentleman. it will be a few more days till impact.

and I would hold on to something when you listen to it and go put the dog in the house and check on grandma.

SEASON ONE : THE FALL. how about denver and baltimore .. we will be there as soon as we can.

our first new song since 2005 is just days away … stay patient we will get it out to you as fast as we possibly can.

:: there were powerful thunderstorms all over manhattan today.

lets live and let die : shinys

Also, I can confirm that the vocals on the new album are the new girls only, and a reminder that Carah has started a new music project and that there will be a new version of Turn to Real Life soon.

EDIT: The rumored new singer has been revealed.

That’s it for now.