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So Carah left voluntarily: Nope… maybe?

EDIT: The reveal of the new singer and track name is here.

Okay so here’s the deal, all that stuff about Carah leaving the band for personal reasons was a bit of an assumption. It doesn’t sound at all like Carah ever had the choice to stay.

Apparently this is from Carah herself:

IT WAS NOT MY CHOICE TO LEAVE STG. Its all very painful for me but, I will always continue to do music and have already started a new group. Music is my life and I will always do it.
The rumors that I quit or that I left to marry are completely false and it would mean a lot to me if you would correct anyone saying that.

However, (and I certainly hope I’m not fueling the fire here… maybe it’s time i bite my tongue) this little tidbit also apparently came from Shiny Toy Guns’ myspace:

From: shiny toy guns
Date: Aug 11, 2008 5:24 PM

[Carah] doesn’t want to be in our band or she would still be with us, thats a bottom line. finding a new singer is quite difficult and a real test for us

So that’s that, and all very confusing. Here we have Carah’s story and soon we should have the rest of the band’s story. Due to the early jump in the story from Jeremy’s post, since we don’t have any details and especially since Carah’s and Jeremy’s words are a bit contradicting, I’d like to point out that it is still far too early to say she was kicked out of the band or not, or even to draw any conclusions.

I’d like to state firmly that at this point there is nothing to substantiate jumping to any conclusions as to whether or not Carah is no longer in the band as her decision, or others or why she is no longer in the band. Furthermore, as Shiny Toy Guns has the right to explain their situation, Carah also has the right to explain hers. Both deserve nothing but respect.

Since Carah is saying the rumors aren’t true instead of substantiating personal information, I guessed it would be okay to share this information.

Stay-tuned, impact is due.