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The Big Reveal:: Shiny Toy Guns unconfirmed new singer and song

UPDATE: The new single and new websites are about to launch, more details here and the single is available to listen to now.

A Singer Is Revealed And Her Name Is…

Sisely Treasure.

Sisely Treasure

Sisely Treasure

So due to the unreliability of Wikipedia, this is most definitely unconfirmed and still a rumour, but I have heard some reinforcement to it.

Taken from Sisely Treasure’s Wikipedia page:

According to a post from a friend of the band on a Shiny Toy Guns forum, she will be the next singer for Shiny Toy Guns

I checked the reference, once again it’s the fan forum’s doing and since they seem to have pretty good connections… well, we’ll see. Anyhow, the Wikipedia post is here and her myspace is here.

Finally for Sisely Treasure, here’s a video dug up:

So what do you all think about this alleged new singer? From what I’ve heard of her so far I think she has a suitable voice even though I’m not too into her songs. We’ll she how she does – let’s just say she has much to live up to.

And The New Track Is Called…

Now onto more completely unconfirmed news that is more like a pure rumour. The new track is called “Lost to the Sky”.


Video post:: Slow-mo and music videos

The intro to the Fully Flared skateboarding video is amazing in all it’s slow-motion, explosion glory. It perfectly matches M83’s Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun.

Moving on to official music videos, Radiohead’s open data laser music video for House of Cards is a nice change of pace.

The making of The Ting Tings’ Shut Up and Let Me Go looks wildly fun.

This video for Santogold, N.E.R.D. and Julian Casablancas’ collaboration has an interesting paper cut out effect.

The concept for this Late of the Pier video is a crazy Portal-like effect.

Finally, The Get Out Clause filmed their music video in the most incredible way – performing in front of CCTV cameras and then aquiring the video.