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promised a song, delivered a video clip:: SHOCKING how the evidence lands.

Might as well keep up the trend here, a new bulletin was posted from Shiny Toy Guns.

Instead of the Season of Love song, we get this tine clip of a video part 2. It looks good but it’s no new song.

By the way, what is up with the due date of 14 months?

on this holiday …

it became, a lie, on you. from Shiny Toy Guns on Vimeo.

clocks are 11:04:08. west coast you are trying on clothes. doing homework.

staring at your children. staring in your mirror.

+ east coast you are reeling from a monday that is not good. for anyone.

even if you are in the bug collecting business today in new york was tough.

nevermind that. things happen and they bring change. in order for life to live there must be that which is uncomfortable.

_ _ _ _ _

q and a.

question one >

how many of you can properly pronounce norfolk?

not enough. learn this town. its a magical place. the south is beautiful, its music, and its people.

question two >

Have you ever been to the state of Maine? the second you think the small little corner of america is full of beards and fishing boats is when you trip over your own quick judgement. Their hardcore scene could fight buffalo’s for many rounds. Orange County would have to call the 805 area code to bail them out. Maine radio and blogs are small, on point and underground. Their scene is tight, together and they love music.

: : SEASON ONE. the intimate fall.

tickets are on sale everywhere for our tour. if you do not know if we are coming, just look close on our profile.


click and click.. its all there.

you want to hear most of the new album? how about live. its much louder.

of course,

we will play most of all of our music from we are pilots as well.

RICOCHET! …. the video?

just wait:) days.

RICOCHET! …. the remix? his name is Brian.

or as we all like to call him, BT.

are you english ? perfect.
Because KISSY SELL OUT is also remixing ricochet!

get this : our album will be finished in 3 hours. 14 months later, and in 3 hours.

and in about 7 weeks, on 11 04 08,



the season of poison is soon.

see you on tour.


It appears that they finally have a decent mailing list going as I finally got an email through some third party (not Satellites) and guess what it links to? The old video that was released a week ago.

EDIT: Another bulletin just popped up; a call to action.

Everything desert.

The open skies of arizona in the fall are the most beautiful displays of

100,000 volts of electricity in the world.

The music of this massive state is nothing less shocking than this.

Those who call themselves true zoni’s .. ..

we have an opening in the phoenix area.

Who should we ask? Who is amazing.

Who deserves the gig?

Write us now. If its your band, than so be it.

Not in a band? Tell us who.

We told you we would put up a new song on 12 sept but we finished

something we thought you should hear first.

In a few days you will hear our interpretation of what it sounds like to freeze

an entire ocean …

And on 11:04:08

You will have the sound of a season of poison.

Because today, on the 16th of september, on broadway between 21st and

22nd street in new york city, new york, at exactly 5:25 pm eastern standard


Our 2nd child was born.

season of poison is complete.

Over 16 months in the making, our greatest effort is finished.

See you soon on the road:)

As well as a bit of an explanation, not much, but it’s a start.


Official Ricochet! release:: Shiny Toy Guns

tis the season to be poisoned… fa la la la la…aiff

So it appears you miss a lot when you disappear for a day. Here’s how it goes: tomorrow the Shinys will be e-mailing their army a high quality MP3 (which is good, since they took down our WAV file download). Everything else said is a little non-stellar but we’ll see what else they do.

and its a shocking holiday .

Thursday. Satellites. RICOCHET! Is in your mail box. And not some terd mp3. How about a 24 bit .aiff. If you don’t know what that means I’m saying higher than cd quality.

And for everyone : we have a date with you. And don’t be late and wear those one shoes that are hot.

Its called eleven, four oh-eight.

Because friday at 11:04:08pm ricochet will appear virally completely downloadable and completely FREE.

And yes you can pass it around, we don’t mind. Its your tune.

And something a bit more important about that number : :

Its the birthday of our lives, the official and un-changing date of our album …..

Ladies and men: cats and dogs, spiders and snakes .

On november 4th, 2008, together we will enter a season of poison.

The countdown begins NOW.

Love you all : from quiet oklahoma .


And there’s also this Ricochet! fan video that might last you until tomorrow…

Maybe 2 things isn’t that much that you miss in a day.


Shiny Toy Guns official release: Ricochet! to sattelites, confirm new singer, unofficial release dates.

UPDATE: Sisely’s own response is here.

So below is the latest myspace bulletin from Shiny Toy Guns (yeah, I know lately LECOMPLEX has been almost exclusive to Shiny Toy Guns… interesting, we’ll see where this takes us).

Anyhow essentially they have confirmed Sisley Treasure as their new singer and have marked the release of the new single.

Release Dates:

Season of Poison: November 4, 2008

Ricochet! single: September 2, 2008


lets think back … or we will and you can just listen and remember.

in march of 2004 Chad and I wrote some music .. .. we decided to put some
of the tunes up on this social networking site called “myspace”,
actually on a personal profile because at the time there were no music
profiles and Tom had not even started messing with it yet.

Back then you could write Tom and he was just hanging out at his house –
and he would write you back and come see your band play down the street.

and we weren’t sure what would happen.

At the time we had just began to settle in with who our band was to be
for a while, our new drummer and new singer had been with us just for a
few months.

and we weren’t sure what would happen.

let me tell you what happened.

the people behind you,
the people in the front of you …
to your left, and to your right : :

they embraced what we were trying to project.

_ _

they projected what we were trying to embrace.

and a new sound … a new sight … a new way of approach began.

an approach centered around destroying the space that separates artist
from listener.

an artist should be no further away from some one listening than a mother
to her child.

together we can destroy both.


TOGETHER .. we did some great things.

TOGETHER we made milestones that bands 200 times our size could not equal.

TOGETHER we traveled the world ..

we listened to you,
when you asked us to come see you in alaska.

we drove there.

we listened to you …
when your friend was really sick. as in, cancer sick.

we went to her bedside.

we played in the parking lot …
when the venue refused to let all ages in to a 21+ venue.

when an accident happened ..
we went there on purpose.

and we listened to you ..
when the baby was born.

and again,
when he left you.

Today is Friday, August 15th, 2008.

It is not March 14th, 2004.

TODAY you will feel just a tiny piece of a new fire that has consumed this


and you will notice.

and today …

(cold shatters the sky)

and this is the first day of the rest of our lives.

__ _______________ __

ladies and gentleman, boys and girls.

4 years later :)

we proudly present to you,

a new sound.

a new song.

a new shinys.

RICOCHET! is our first single …

SEASON OF POISON is our new album .

SISELY TREASURE is the new voice alongside the sound we call Chad


lets do this .

TIME TO REGULATE like warren g.

__ ____________ __

move and slide :

this is the new sound of shiny toy guns for today.

tomorrow will bring things to levels that you will just need to feel;

without discussion.

SATELLITES your free copy comes early.

your copy of “ricochet!” comes next week. on us.


we are coming to play live in your town and hang out.



notice .

the forecast for the next year ::


because this is a season of poison.

love you guys



The Big Reveal:: Shiny Toy Guns unconfirmed new singer and song

UPDATE: The new single and new websites are about to launch, more details here and the single is available to listen to now.

A Singer Is Revealed And Her Name Is…

Sisely Treasure.

Sisely Treasure

Sisely Treasure

So due to the unreliability of Wikipedia, this is most definitely unconfirmed and still a rumour, but I have heard some reinforcement to it.

Taken from Sisely Treasure’s Wikipedia page:

According to a post from a friend of the band on a Shiny Toy Guns forum, she will be the next singer for Shiny Toy Guns

I checked the reference, once again it’s the fan forum’s doing and since they seem to have pretty good connections… well, we’ll see. Anyhow, the Wikipedia post is here and her myspace is here.

Finally for Sisely Treasure, here’s a video dug up:

So what do you all think about this alleged new singer? From what I’ve heard of her so far I think she has a suitable voice even though I’m not too into her songs. We’ll she how she does – let’s just say she has much to live up to.

And The New Track Is Called…

Now onto more completely unconfirmed news that is more like a pure rumour. The new track is called “Lost to the Sky”.