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A shiny new message:: FREE MUSIC. and 11:04:08pm. tonight.

So Ricochet is free until 11:04 PM (why so serious specific?).

He also links to the message from Sisely.

good morning america : how was the democratic convention last night?

we were in the studio working on the first song on the new album called “When did this storm begin?” …

missed the whole thing. Except heard the token Bruce Springsteen song from the other room.
Didn’t Reagan use that ?

LISTEN : : :

RICHOCET! our first single is FREE for you. its sitting right here on our profile.

But our record company is going to remove this option from us at exactly 11:04pm tonight.

We want all of you to have the opportunity to take the song and keep it for your own without having to buy it.

And if you like the song take advantage of this situation before its gone, just pass the word along to your friends that today is the final day of the free download .. its very difficult when you are signed to a record company to just give away music and we want to maximize the fact that legally we can just share music with all of you.

so click on the box here on our profile, tell everyone you know that they have the opportunity to do the same before the song disappears into the itunes world of $0.99 a song.

its all over at 11:04pm … so the roman candles need to fire as soon as you can light them.


for this tour.


we decided to deliberately choose the smallest rooms we could possibly fit all of our equipment into at first ..

because we are revealing LIVE all of the new songs of our new baby album plus all of our favorites from the first one.

BEFORE the album comes out.

because hot sticky clubs are just sexy as hell.

makeup running everywhere.

hands in the air.

so loud your heart seems to move all over the room in a motion that echos down the block.

sound off new cities please :

dallas. houston. austin. pocatello idaho. ft. lauderdale. orlando. cleveland. detroit. milwaukee. twin cities.

HONG KONG soon. the finest china.


MGMT continues to baffle us as to how there could not be a more perfect album.


stuart price is producing the new killers album. remember that amazing remix of Mr. Brightside? imagine an entire album of such ..




RICOCHET! is rocketing across america on the radio. so many of you have loved and supported it .

SO >>>> questions from some of you?

look here and think really hard : : :

imagine an amazing pie,
something your grandmother would make.

imagine it full of color and flavor, of all types,
thousands of shades and a thousand tastes.

Ricochet! is 1/14th of this pie,
one razor sharp slice.

representing one part
of a whole
that is the equal of many parts.

did any of you really think, honestly, that we wrote an entire album that sounds exactly the same?

go listen to we are pilots and re-discover chad and I’s style of writing.


Or that we just decided to throw away electronica for a screaming guitar?

We now use 6 synthesizers on stage. our show looks like the inside of a space shuttle.

patience child :)

a season of poison is soon.

its hard to keep from peeing on ourselves we are so excited about it.

that was weird I probably should have kept that one to myself.

love you guys so much.

oh and you want to know sisely? know things? maybe say hello?

go .

http://blog. myspace. com/index. cfm?fuseaction=blog. view&friendID=268042198&blogID=424856433

J : shinys.


Official Ricochet! release:: Shiny Toy Guns

tis the season to be poisoned… fa la la la la…aiff

So it appears you miss a lot when you disappear for a day. Here’s how it goes: tomorrow the Shinys will be e-mailing their army a high quality MP3 (which is good, since they took down our WAV file download). Everything else said is a little non-stellar but we’ll see what else they do.

and its a shocking holiday .

Thursday. Satellites. RICOCHET! Is in your mail box. And not some terd mp3. How about a 24 bit .aiff. If you don’t know what that means I’m saying higher than cd quality.

And for everyone : we have a date with you. And don’t be late and wear those one shoes that are hot.

Its called eleven, four oh-eight.

Because friday at 11:04:08pm ricochet will appear virally completely downloadable and completely FREE.

And yes you can pass it around, we don’t mind. Its your tune.

And something a bit more important about that number : :

Its the birthday of our lives, the official and un-changing date of our album …..

Ladies and men: cats and dogs, spiders and snakes .

On november 4th, 2008, together we will enter a season of poison.

The countdown begins NOW.

Love you all : from quiet oklahoma .


And there’s also this Ricochet! fan video that might last you until tomorrow…

Maybe 2 things isn’t that much that you miss in a day.