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Be the first to hear “Money for That” by Shiny Toy Guns off Season of Poison.

Don’t say I don’t love you, I give you the Season of Poison track list, 2 updates, and a clip of a very early version of their new song.

The track list

1 When Did This Storm Begin
2 Money For That
3 I Owe You A Love Song
4 Ghost Town
5 It Became A Lie On You
6 Ricochet!
7 Season Of Love
8 Poison
9 Blown Away
10 Turned To Real Life
11 Frozen Oceans

The Updates:

its evening in san diego. again tonight is sold out. is where you must go in order to not miss out …

Look inside our new record just for a few seconds …

season of poison won’t be available until 11:04:08.

tomorrow is one month away …. and very soon we will have the ability to


and detour festival is NOW.

get your tickets here : :

_ ____


and you will notice. in a few days .

our latest music video is complete:)

its ace.

more soon … tomorrow is one month away from injection.

soon.. the season of poison.

november 4th 2008.



The other update:


Release Date: 11:04:08 – November 04, 2008

“Season of Poison” is the highly anticipated sophomore album from Shiny Toy Guns. The album is the follow up to their critically acclaimed Grammy nominated debut record We Are Pilots which was released in 2006. The band spent the better half of 2 years on and off the road progressing their dance/rock and electronic roots. Once again producing the album by themselves, founding members Chad Petree (vocals, guitar) and Jeremy Dawson (synthesizer, bass) used 2008 technology to marry dynamic late-70’s style synthesizer programming with face-erasing stoner rock; gently spreading this over layer upon layer of ethnic and tribal rhythms. Not to mention their keen pop sense in lyrics and arrangement have collided with the legendary mixing abilities of super-engineer Andy Wallace to create a completely new color in the future-forward musical spectrum. The first single off of Season Of Poison is “Ricochet”, a heavy rhythmic guitar laden song already being heard on radio stations across the nation.

Season of Poison marks an evolution for the band not only sonically but in the band dynamics as well. Sisely Treasure from the band Cooler Kids replaced departed vocalist Carah Faye Charnow who left the group this past summer to pursue other interests. Dawson explains, “We moved forward with our initial choice for co-lead singer of the band in 2002, longtime friend Sisely Treasure. At that time she was still locked into her Dreamworks Records deal with her former project Cooler Kids and we were not able to professionally move forward with her. So we have returned to the exact original idea and lineup that Shiny Toy Guns was meant to be.” With a new singer who is also now a writing partner to Petree and Dawson, Treasure brings in whole new complimentary perspective to the band. The result is a hard rocking, groove shaking album that will appeal to die hard Shiny Toy Guns fans and new ones alike.

The mercurial foursome (which also includes Mikey Martin on drums), has been described as everything from ‘glam-goth-new wave-chic’ to ‘electronic mash-up with a dance floor destroyer,’ thanks to their riveting breakthrough single “Le Disko” which topped the charts in 2006. The playful dance-anthem permeated radio and clubs, was featured in advertisements for Motorola and Apple and was a single of the week on iTunes’ playlist. The band also was a “MTVU Freshman Five Artists for Fall 2006” as well as a MTV and MTV2 Discover and Download artist. They appeared on several television shows such as The Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Kimmel Live. The positive attention and legendary live shows led to an incredible accolade for the band, a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Album this past year.

Finally, remember track number 2?

Want to hear it?

Well hear is a very, very early version dug up from the grave curtesy of the band’s fan forum.

Money For That

Other early songs by Chad Petree (guitar + vocals) :



If Love is Blind

(from 37 Records)


Thanks for commenting guys, you’re right Jared I did forget something.

Looks like a storm cloud and two angels? Not as jaw-dropping as we are pilots… personally I think they should’ve used this instead:

But I guess it’s not official until it’s on the shelves.

I checked out the links provided from Zelda, they’re legit you just need to sign up.

Here’s the full version of Money For That

The Turn to Real Life given is really old (still has Ursula Vari) there is also a Carah Faye version.


Season of Poison:: Details

So here is a short summary of Season of Poison to date:

Release date –  November 11, 2008

First track – “When did this storm begin?”

Single – “Ricochet!”  (Ghost Title: Nudity)


-Blown Away

-Love / Season of Love

-Lost to the Sky (unconfirmed)

Other ghost titles included: Shittles, Golden Shower, and Biggins.

Also Jeremy is doing some vocoder vocals live and the Ricochet single has been deilevered to radio stations.


Unreleased Muse Track:: Who Knows Who (Muse vs The Streets)

Apparently Muse was fooling around in the studio with a blues riff and pushed out this track called Who Knows Who with Mike Skinner (The Streets) rapping on it.

It sounds decent for a joke song, I definitely wouldn’t want to see this on a Muse album (except as a B-side) but an official release would be pretty cool.

The song started floating around on the Muse message board. Since then the band has condoned the sharing, saying the following:

The MP3 floating around on the message boards at the moment is a track we recorded with Mike Skinner a few months ago. The track was the result of a late night jam session and something we did for a bit of a laugh featuring a blues riff we have been playing live recently upon which Skinner recorded some vocals. It is not intended to be a serious release so we are happy for it to be leaked around unofficially. Hope you enjoy, Cheers. Matt, Dom & Chris.

I’m really glad they decided to let the fans do with it what they will instead of trying to delete the mp3.

Which by the way, is here (right-click and hit “Save As” to save).


The Big Reveal:: Shiny Toy Guns unconfirmed new singer and song

UPDATE: The new single and new websites are about to launch, more details here and the single is available to listen to now.

A Singer Is Revealed And Her Name Is…

Sisely Treasure.

Sisely Treasure

Sisely Treasure

So due to the unreliability of Wikipedia, this is most definitely unconfirmed and still a rumour, but I have heard some reinforcement to it.

Taken from Sisely Treasure’s Wikipedia page:

According to a post from a friend of the band on a Shiny Toy Guns forum, she will be the next singer for Shiny Toy Guns

I checked the reference, once again it’s the fan forum’s doing and since they seem to have pretty good connections… well, we’ll see. Anyhow, the Wikipedia post is here and her myspace is here.

Finally for Sisely Treasure, here’s a video dug up:

So what do you all think about this alleged new singer? From what I’ve heard of her so far I think she has a suitable voice even though I’m not too into her songs. We’ll she how she does – let’s just say she has much to live up to.

And The New Track Is Called…

Now onto more completely unconfirmed news that is more like a pure rumour. The new track is called “Lost to the Sky”.


Shiny Toy Guns:: prepare a release.

More information from Shiny Toy Guns on Season of Poison-

This bulletin posted Aug 9, 2008 2:14 PM from the band’s US and UK myspace gives a few more release details.

In summary:

  • their first song will be released online from Manhattan Monday night.
  • a date with Mars Volta, Cut Copy and Datarock in downtown Los Angeles.
  • Turn to Real Life is getting an update!
  • Satellite members (street team) will be the first to receive the new single (by e-mail)
  • the new band member will be revealed the following Monday
  • the new song could be called Impact (or Jeremy just likes saying the word impact, but usually he drops these kind of clues)

Finally, I pulled this from the Shiny Toy Guns fan board, the time of the release is tentatively 7:00 pm from New York.

Here’s the full post:

drama! i feel like i have a crazy girlfriend again.

why are we all so bored all the time?

_ ___________ _


2 days left until impact. sorry, IMPACT.


our first born goes online for you.

monday night. NEW YORK time.

We missed this place by the way, there is nothing like Manhattan.

monday night equals our first new song : )

_ _______________ _

we love bullet points.
they are meant to be shot :

: : ANDY WALLACE. you should wiki him, he is our new friend and the person mixing our new album. He looks like Sean Connery.

: : FLEET FOXES. you should buy this album . The return of SEATTLE bands is upon the UK right now. America is next.

: : SASHIMI. is completely addicting.

: : DETOUR FESTIVAL. mars volta. shiny toy guns. cut copy. datarock. outdoors. downtown los angeles. get your hair did for this one please; oct 4.

: : TURNED TO REAL LIFE. old skool fans? wait till you hear our 2008 version ..

: : WE ARE BACK. just wanted to say that.
Thank you for waiting:)

: : PETERBOROUGH. is currently our favourite english city because of our friends.

tonight we ride.
did you know ice cube is trying to come back?


a tour of intimacy.

lets organize this into an outline for you .


the small underground room in your town.

quietly promoted so its just you and your friends.

we will try to blow up the sound system nightly.

we will demand that the ticket price is low.

sold out? we will hold some tickets each show.

-and walk outside and give them away.

none of us wear crocs. they all must be destroyed.

_ ____________ _

: : SATTELITES : you know who you are.

check your email when you have a chance,

because SOON you will have our first single before anyone else can buy it anywhere in the world.

its going to be a while, but october will bring the darkness soon.

SEASON OF POISON is soon. a new entire shinys album we have furiously been painting.

don’t forget to write –

and tell us your take on our new children as they are born.

and someone new to meet one week from impact. umm … IMPACT.

from the lower east side : :

narrow your eyes.

J : STG:SOP:2008

If you’ve read this far, there’s a reward for you. You know how I said that Finale/Reprise was the last thing Carah worked on with Shiny Toy Guns? Well Carah has already been featured in a track by Spookey Ruben (I have no idea how long ago this was made). I don’t quite think the song does Carah justice, but it’s nice to hear something from her outside of the band.

PS: I like the concept of these fan-art Season of Poison CD covers. Shiny Toy Guns: Digital and Analog, Flushing it Out: computer generated fonts and analog ink on paper with water damage. There is some nice minimalistic symmetry happning there.

Also, check out how Carah explained that she didn’t leave the band by choice here.