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shiny toy guns:: remix album and single release date and title

UPDATE: The single is here, and available. Now.

friday is the day. friday is a huge huge day.

in the early hours of the evening Eastern Standard time, so around midnight if you happen to live in Colchester,

we launch our first single …

we take it that all of you have heard our music on here a few times, right?

its due time for a new set.

and one week later our new sites launch …. I can’t even begin to explain all of the things that are being built now specifically for you online.

just one more day … then evolution will spin your head like a mesocyclone.

goodnight everyone . .
see you here this friday


I’m anticipating the release of a multi-track/remix site at

Ricochet = the new single?

According to FMQB radio station, the new single (available for airplay September 1-2 I believe) is called Ricochet.

New Singer

Aside from this I can also confirm that Sisely Treasure is the new Shiny Toy Guns singer albeit unofficially.

Remix Album

Finally, I’ve heard a little rumour that the remix album we’ve been waiting on since last year is to be released October, around the release of Season of Poison.