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The single has landed! Shiny Toy Guns:: Ricochet

UPDATE: confirmed release info is here (date, singer etc.).

Here it is: streaming from FMQB, and here is the download link.

You can also download it right from here (right click, choose save as): Ricochet – Shiny Toy Guns

What I honestly think of this song is that it’s nice to have a throwback to Nothing Compares 2 U. The lyrics seemingly mirroring Le Disko at some points is cool and the concept of guns and ricochets supplementing the idea of a shiny toy gun is pretty sweet. However, the lyrics come off as insincere and at parts like Bullet For My Valentine could’ve written them in 10 seconds. I’m getting no sense of depth or meaning as of now. Just words. It seems like they’re trying to force out another Le Disko. As promised it is darker. I’m feeling a little bit of Junkie XL and Lauren Rocket in the beginning vocals. Now what I need to love this song is the rest of the album so I can see the connections and how the themes tie in to eachother. Right now, this stand alone song isn’t bad, but I wouldn’t say it’s amazing. It is nice to hear something new though. I see this the same way as hearing Le Disko for the first time: I didn’t like it at first because it seemed like nothing special, but I kept coming back and before I knew it I was googling them and what do you know, 2 concerts later I’m very much impressed with Le Disko. I really hope that the video for Ricochet! (if they do a video that is, since this is the first single) is just as edgy as Le Disko and You Are The One and a little less Rainy Monday. That being said I liked how I could see the connection between Rainy Monday and You Are The One (as well as the rest of We Are Pilots) later.

What does everyone think?

They sampled their version of Nothing Compares 2 U.

It very much reminds me of Junkie XL at the intro.

I like it personally, it’s a totally different feel from We Are Pilots which is interesting. I don’t love it yet, it’s not the Shiny Toy Guns I love, but I think if the rest of the album expands on these ideas I’m going to.



verse 1

welcome back to
where I’m gonna to have you
shell shock – fall back
every one I see through.
watch your head spin
like a mesocyclone
bouncing off the walls
now there’s nowhere to run

like a bullet : meant to be shot
you’re the target
dead on the spot
when I focus : I never miss
it starts with a kiss…..

Chorus !

she ricochets !
and you don’t notice.
she’s in your head !
and you just don’t notice.

verse 2

let the sweat fall
find me in the back stall
let it snow down
now we’re gonna deck halls
I hit the bullseye
making all the boys cry
I hit the main line
breaking through the night sky

like a bullet : meant to be shot
you’re the target
dead on the spot
when I focus : I never miss
it starts with a kiss…..

Also, with a little digging I found the following image that indicates we’ll be able to download soon. The song is already available for download (see beginning of post).